Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cultural Appropriators Thy Name is Malaysia!

I was reading this article at associated content about how Malaysia has been trying to steal the Pendet from Indonesia. Allegedly, they've tried to claim a number of items:

"The Wikipedia entry on Malaysian 'cultures' even mentioned more of questionable art forms which Malaysia had claimed: the song Rasa Sayange, the Javanese shadow theatre Wayang Kulit, the traditional dance Reog (Ponorogo) from East Java & the Ninang Tari Garinging dance from West Sumatra."

To the long list of countries annoyed with Malaysia for cultural appropriation, I'd like to add my own, as evidenced by this clip of line dancing the Achy Breaky.


FrenchDip said...

Nice find. I am so proud of my country.

She says said...

This reminds me of the Filipino version of Thriller, by the inmates at whatever-that-prison was.

The choice of orange shirts here -- which look like prison jumpsuits -- was unfortunate.