Friday, October 23, 2009

Addicting Substances

I had a headache today. I think I finally traced a bit of it back to not having any caffeine. I've been downgrading my consumption for over a week, mixing a little bit of caffeinated into a bunch of decaf in the morning. It's both good for my health and my pocketbook, as I prefer Caribou to the corporate coffee, although I'm still getting Caribou on Monday and Friday when it's between $0.55 and $1.

And I bought the most expensive bottle of Scotch I've ever purchased today. A $70 bottle of Lagavulin, recommended by Chris from work on Facebook when I mentioned Dan, also from work, had put me on to Laphroig. I had a very small drink of it, and it is delicious. Maybe if I give up my Caribou coffee habit I can afford a bottle now and then. In order to make it last, I've given myself a rule that it's a reward for every five hours on the bicycling trainer. Couple your bad habits to fulfilling your good ones, right?

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