Friday, September 25, 2009


We're having our house resided. We put it off as long as we could, but bits and pieces were starting to fall off and it was looking a bit low rent. So when we received a check to fix one wall because of the hail damage we had, we opted to fix all four for twice the price (the easiest sort of math), and to use prepainted cement hardie board rather than dentable aluminum siding. They've been working on it for a week with a break when they ran out of the maroon edging, but it's coming along.

Front of the house. You can't see the garage where Pooteewheet scribbled "health care for everyone" on the wrapping. She's in the process of painting those wooden posts a matching maroon. The area around the bird bath is where we're going to put in a drop and some edging and wood chips and extend the cover a bit further out to eliminate a bit of mowing. The bird bath was Steve's before and he was nice enough to give it to us for yard decoration.

Back of the house. Unfortunately, the storm windows back here are pretty rotted out, so I have to order new ones.

Edge of the "Minnesota Room" where you can see some of the siding and trim. The color of the siding isn't that much different from what our house looked like before, but the maroon edging really adds a nice bit of color.

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Is the house done? Dad