Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Bee Car!

I could talk about what little I saw of the President's address between working and reading to Eryn, but instead I'm just going to mention that in the parking lot today, on my way home, I realized as I was walking to my car that the vehicle next to mine was covered in bees (but was not actually a bee, like this picture on Flickr). Then I realized it was worse! They were wasps! My allergies to bees are questionable. I believe I was stung during Elroy Sparta a little over a week ago and survived. And many years ago I was stung by three at once and didn't exhibit even a bit of puffiness. But the last two times I was stung by a wasp involved softball sized swellings and giant baby-looking appendages where my wrist or ankle vanished under the swelling. A car covered in them, immediately next to mine, is problematic, particularly as my car was on the flight path and they kept bouncing off the windows and roof.

There's no great ending where I'm texting this to blogger as I lie swollen in the company lot. I managed to sneak in between wasps and then sat there, observing them feasting on what seemed to be sap all over the neighboring car. I'm going to have to watch for that when I park tomorrow morning.

In the spirit of yesterday's post, I offer the collective nouns for bees, because there are so many of them, at least according to Wiktionary. I find it interesting that the collective noun can vary based on whether the bees are wild or domesticated, around the queen, or a secondary group, or in flight vs. not-necessarily-in-flight.

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