Monday, August 03, 2009


Almost missed this one. My sister and brother in law attempting to extend the canopy on the RV to protect their bicycles. It was raining pretty good in Greenfield. I remember being mad at Greenfield because my sister's map ended at an intersection in town that had no distinguishing features, no RV, no directions, and almost no phone access from my mobile, although I found if I faced one direction instead of the other three I got consistent service. I finally figured out they must be at the fairgrounds, so we hoofed it up there and dodged through the hundreds of RVs and campers until we found them.

Eryn had her first "walking taco" in Greenfield. She enjoyed it and the company of the two guys next to us who were being chatty about the ride, time in the service and time as engineers. During a discussion of the hill profile for the rides, it was pointed out that the next day's ride trended downward despite all the hills, and one stated while pointing at the biggest up/down change, "Yeah, yeah, until you get caught in this crevasse." Very amusing if you just did 5,096 feet of climb. Perhaps not as amusing to someone with all their blood sugar.

But I digress. Here they are, taming the RV!

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