Sunday, August 23, 2009

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs

Friday night I went to an ash spreading for a friend's brother out Monticello way. I had played games with the brother in the past, even without my friend around, so I knew him, although he wasn't a close friend in any sense. There was a nice, although strange, ceremony that involved putting a lot of his things onto a bonfire, which was nice with his favorite chair and the knife and compass he always carried, but a little more peculiar when they started burning a small sapling of every kind of tree and plant on the property where he lived, and his father, confused at what he was holding in his hand at one point, announced after plum, oak, maple, wild rice..."various plants". The urn with his ashes was taken around for everyone to say goodbye, and then rowed out onto the lake where he had lived to be spread at his favorite fishing spots.

Afterwards, we took my friend back to his aunt and uncle's house for the evening, where I got to see this sign:

Which I thought would be the most peculiar sign I'd see all evening (although fair warning to Kyle who's been known to flush My Little Ponies and American Doll accessories), until Kyle and I got to the Hilltop Bar in Hanover and saw this:


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Kyle said...

Well, if you have a better idea as to how to dispose of American Girl Happy Meal paper dolls other than flushing them down the toilet, I'd like to know. I'll admit, the My Little Pony items are a bit more prone to clogging, especially given today's more water efficient toilet models.