Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NowThen Threshing Show 2009

Last weekend, Eryn and I went up to Kyle's place for a bit of homemade breakfast with Kyle, Cynthia, Matthew, Zoe and Jonny before heading up for our annual visit to the NowThen Threshing Show. There's not much to say about a tractor show after several years, particularly as the most memorable year was the year it rained and was so cold there wasn't much to do besides drink hot chocolate, and as everything seems to be getting less interesting. They don't really mix it up much, so unless you're really into tractors, the mix-it-up factor is lacking. And the farmer table sales seem to be decreasing in scope and some of the vendors are disappearing, so there's less junk to peruse.

Regardless, Eryn had a great time. She spent the majority of it at the blacksmiths' shop, which she fondly remembered from the year before. In no time, she was back at our wooden table with an iron cross, personally hammered by the blacksmith. There was a whole Jesus theme going on at NowThen this year, which is a bit peculiar for anything I attend.

For example. Here's a truck near the miniature train ride. The other side of the cab is just as nice.

And here's Eryn studiously reading the camouflage Bible (New Testament) some guy handed her when I wouldn't take one. You can tell the iron cross is in her pocket. On the way home I asked what she was reading and she informed me it was "according to Matthew" and talked about Joseph, Mary and Jesus. So she was certainly understanding what she was reading. That's Matthew and Zoe skulking in the background.

It was a beautiful day. Deceptively so. Despite the least amount of time I've ever spent in the sun at a NowThen Threshing Show outside the rainy year, I still came home to almost pass out from a sunburn. Here are the tractors getting ready for the Parade of Power. I think this was the year to showcase Cockshutts.

The Parade of Power as it passes the Milk House. Two dozen tractors had farm girls in various states of limited clothing, and this is what you get. Kyle pointed out a young girl driving her own tractor to Jonny and noted that she might be a good catch if she had her own machine (and vast tracts of land).

I like this picture of the Parade of Power. It's very folksy.

Eryn shows off her button while riding the miniature train. We get two of these every year, and every year we put them in a geocaching cache somewhere. They're very useful for that purpose. Much better than Pooteewheet's liberal radio buttons.

Two different people both buying huge metal wheels at the same time! What are the odds?! They're almost a bicycle.

Kyle, trying to pick up a farm girl or two by posing with the Ford Workmaster 641 as if he'd already won the lottery. It's mine, I tell you, mine!

Eryn posing next to the tractor as well. She's hoping we win it so we can put it in the back yard and just sit on it now and then. Given how much time she can spend at Home Depot just sitting on non-running lawnmowers, I have no doubts she'd be sitting on an immobile tractor in the yard if given the chance.

Finally, from the contraption area where they have steam engines running old washing machines and various toys, the world's saddest horse ride, as demonstrated by a stuffed rabbit we last saw drowning during the NowThen Rainfest.

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