Friday, July 03, 2009

Black Lust

Our renter whose lease we chose not to renew has moved out. I spent a chunk of my day at the duplex catching up on some of the items the city inspector asked us to fix (please keep in mind, there are always issues, no matter how much work you do they'll find a new batch each year). However, as a bonus for today's festivities, our renter was nice enough to leave us an absolutely filthy half of a house, including a pot of cooking oil my brother spilled on himself (which is technically more disgusting than the pile of porn mags falling out of the drop down ceiling on him - but that was the last renter on that side), and a fourth of a garage full of junk: two mattresses, two huge dressers, chairs, mirrors, lights, skateboards, rugs, luggage, electronics galore, maxipads, bras, Hennepin County library books, etc. If she doesn't come to get any of it in 60 days, I encourage you to be the first to ask me for the bootleg copy of "Black Lust". We didn't position it next to a holy book to make a point, they just happened to be in exactly the same area. And, just so I don't disappoint any takers, I don't know if Black Lust is porn or a religious DVD condemning lustfulness. I wasn't willing to touch it for long enough to put it in a DVD player and find out..

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