Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DP and 9 Other Things

It's a bit between posts lately. I think it's mostly because I'm not doing much that's exciting. Although I did buy a beer kit with Kyle last weekend. I intend to boil it up this weekend. The She Says are coming to town in two weekends. Eryn's been at soccer camp. And I made it through my first big release weekend where I had some sort of managerial input.

Seems like a lot, but it wasn't all that blogable. I'll tackle a few other things.

1.) Eryn has taken an interest in Pokemon. She's watching something called Pokemon DP in the mornings. All I can think of is Pokemon Double Penetration. I know. Wrong. But WTF? I cleared out one of my old Magic the Gathering collector card books so she can store some Pokemon cards. I know...laugh it up. But I think I still have a few thousand dollars worth of collectible cards sitting around that I won a few tournaments with, so maybe they'll help pay for books when she goes to college.

2.) My first big release cycle is behind me. I should have ten more months. This is good. I can get back to a normal life.

3.) I have a Proof of Concept for an ADABAS to distributed system (Oracle) week-long event next week. So it's not quite life as normal, but it's an excuse to cancel almost every meeting I have, so that's sort of a positve.

4.) NOM has called their new program against gay marriage 2M4M. I don't watch or read nearly enough news lately. They might as well have called themselves NOM DP.

5.) I was told at work today by another manager that she had contacted me because I was "the Agile guy" for my group. I come from one of the few groups where there's a preexisting piece of software that must match, as closely as possible, the resulting piece of software. We are the posterchildren for not using Agile. So it's interesting that the wandering around and talking to people I've been doing lately generates so much visibilty. I should point out that it also impacts my fun blogging, because the Agile blog I do at work sort of saps some of my usual blogging energy.

6.) I shared the soccer/manager meeting/ripped pants story with a few people at work and a few others found it. It makes people happy, so in the end (heh) it was a good thing.

7.) My father sent me a post about a koala bears that were too hot and were approaching people for water. I don't know if it's snopes-able or not, but the bath part seems real and is a serious cute overload.

8.) Fimoculous links to Hunch's Which Sci-fi Movie Should I Watch?

9.) Secrets of Six-Figure Women is on the shelf at work. The title made me laugh. I thought it was just me being juvenile until I went to Amazon and the contextual advertisement was for Olga Women's Secret Hug Nylon Scoop Brief #873 (from $8.99).

10.) If you're not from the cities, then you probably didn't see the Michele Bachmann comic in the City Pages. It's not gold, but you might enjoy it.


Deejayneko said...

Many consider Pokemon to be the first step to Magic playing! :D FYI, there is a loyal group of players that go to the Source on Saturday mornings. Might be worth her checking it out. I see the disappointed 10 year olds showing up when they postpone it for Magic prereleases.

Scooter said...

I bought Eryn two decks and two boosters on sale today. I'm not sure if we're going to play, or just look at them as they sit in my MtG collector book. Either way works for me. She's super happy.

Anonymous Atheist said...

Those are seriously cute baby koala photos. Did you show Eryn?