Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Caponi Art Park

I've lived in Eagan for over 6 years and never been to Caponi Art Park, despite it lying between me and work. So last week after Eryn got out of school, we headed over there to check it out. No picnic or anything, just a visit to see what it was I was passing every day. It's not as interesting as the Franconia Sculpture Park, which changes sculptures yearly, but I was excited to see they have a Shakespeare Festival and I fully intend on going. Ming, do you want to go to The Tempest with me? Hmmm? It might be as good as the version you saw at the Theatre in the Round...

I've been missing out on giant rock mushrooms...

What may amount to child pornography. Originally this was a statue of Caponi's children, the younger being carried on the shoulders of the older, but it fell over and was used as part of the retaining wall. It gained a bit of obscenity during the transformation process I think.

I've been missing out on big green phallic plants, of the sort you see in The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill.

I've been missing Pooteewheet telling off trees. Get thee to an arborist! Why wouldst thou be a breeder of twigs!?

And I didn't know Naga, the giant snake from Harry Potter, lived there. The digesting animals that are visible is a nice touch. Someone I was listening to on Monday compared a particular project to a pig in a snake. Maybe she'd been to the art park recently.

BRAINS!!! BRAINS!!!!!!! And finger food.

You can assume this is an accidental photo if you like.


Anonymous Atheist said...

I think Naga is the female snake from Riki Tikki Tavi. The HP snake is Nagini. Geez, can't you keep that straight?!

Scooter said...

There are two snakes in Riki Tiki Tavi: Naga and Nagini (cobras). You did qualify "female snake" so maybe you were implying that. I can't help it if everyone uses the same names for snakes in literature and I get confused.