Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Eryn's DSi that she paid half of is her favorite toy of the moment. That's a good thing, because otherwise it would be an incredibly expensive paperweight. She has a horse game, that's sort of boring because there's only so much excitement you can get from brushing a horse and waiting for it to grow up. I downloaded her a brain age game that lets her do a bit of voice acting, drawing and math. The photos she's taken while doing the voice acting and a bit of drawing under the covers are hilarious. And I picked up the Star Wars Lego game so she has something to do while the horse is resting. But her favorite feature is definitely the twin cameras that allow her to take pictures of everyone and then mess around with the pictures in creative ways. Here a few examples of her artistic endeavors (and two of mine).

One of her very first pictures. Very serious in her candy necklace.

Still very serious, despite the mustache. French art.

Finally a smile.

Pictures of glass blowing next to Grandpa's studio at Art a Whirl. He was very nice and gave Eryn a glass bauble to hang in her room.

Grandpa's art. Birds on pool balls. Uncle Mike was several feet to the left. He's a carpenter who can make some exceptional pieces of furniture, but seems to have created a nice market niche selling planters.

Bird on pool ball, an individual specimen.

Grandpa Larry at Art a Whirl, as everyone pictures him.

A framed bird on pool ball. They each carry something unique in their beak.

Me, playing around with the top/bottom distortion feature. Or AM I?

The creepiest picture I managed to take, by playing with the kaleidoscope feature. I had another that made good use of my balding head, but it just wasn't as interesting.


Anonymous said...

Waiting for input on which Apple computer (portable) that is a good pick. I was looking at an apple in the range of $1,790 to $2,600 with a 15 or 17 inch screen.

cookiequeen said...

NICE! I think the first one of you should be your new facebook photo.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I'm frightened. ~PTW