Friday, May 15, 2009

Cinco de Ocho

I was sitting in the cafe' at work today and overhead one woman state to another:

"She's been dating him for a while. I think she said they met at at some celebration, like Cinco de Ocho."

My first conclusion was that the woman speaking was dumb and shouldn't be allowed anywhere near coworkers of Mexican heritage. But then something about Cinco de Ocho tickled my brain, so I went searching and found the reference:

Marge: Poor Ned. This is his first Jellyfish Festival alone.
Homer: I know. And it doesn't get any easier from here. There's the Tongue Kiss Festival, Cinco de Ocho, the Hobo Oscars. Days just made for lovers. Not widowers--lovers!

So now I'm faced with a number of possibilities:
  1. She's dumb.
  2. Her friend is dumb,
  3. She's cleverly making fun of her friend.
  4. Her friend is cleverly making fun of her.


Mac Noland said...

#1. And maybe #2 depending on the friend's response.

You could also take into consideration her role in the company. Did she have a crack-berry on her hip? If so, definitely #1.

She says said...

Her name is Marge?