Monday, May 04, 2009


This was the Scooter-family bathtub on Friday...

Because this was the state of the four-year old Scooter-family hot water heater. The bending of the insulator is my doing. I carefully read the instructions on line which stated (paraphrasing) "remove the screws and ease out the assembly". The reality was that with two feet and a lot of back muscle I was having an issue making the assembly budge at all, and when I called the company, they assured me it might just "be a little sticky because of the seal." Those dents are where I had to brace the hammer and pull as hard as I could to get it to even budge. I'm glad it was totaled as they suspected, or I'd have had a rather unsightly mess. They replaced the whole unit, but that doesn't include installation costs (yes, I could replace it myself, I know how, but this is one of those times when doing it myself might take 3-4 days that I've addressed before) and repulling a city permit for a replacement.

We got it replaced before the weekend was out, but Eryn got to enjoy a bath of stove and microwave water. I had some very clean pots and pans after round three of bath water creation.

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