Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hospital Visit

Pooteewheet went to the hospital for surgery yesterday. If you're a Facebook friend, you've probably heard at least a few bits and pieces. She's doing as fine as can be expected given they cut into her to move around some nerves that were entrapped by tendons and bent over bones and she's supposed to be back home sometime tomorrow. Eryn and I hung out while the surgery was underway, mostly playing hangman online. She was partial to the Harry Potter set, although we only scored a B grade. A great kid site.

The hospital my wife is in is great. Attractive, modern, wifi, open spaces, and a lady who distributes free cookies and sodas while you listen to the live piano or harp music. The only downside is they won't take a credit card in the cafeteria. But there are plenty of places to eat nearby.

I came home to a broken water heater, which explains my lukewarm shower this morning. Negative: broken water heater. Postive: I'm taking care of my wife at home for the next two days (well, four), so I can have the fix it guy come figure out why the pilot light only flickers. Almost looks like the tube has blockage.

Some of my favorite things from the last two days:

Driving home to get Eryn and bring her back to the hospital today, the passenger in the pickup in front of me kept rolling down her window, holding a brush outside, and then flicking something out that would bounce off my car. It took three rounds before I realized she was simultaneously cleaning her brush and giving my car a merkin.

If you're an expert in therapeutic horticulture, what you really do is not nearly as interesting as I thought it was on first consideration.

Touch therapy is downright weird. And it's difficult not to laugh - although it's possible if you keep your head down in a book - while a woman is waving her hands over your wife to live harp music. It looked like she was trying to push away farts.

Eryn enjoying the CT Scaning machine in the playset area:

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LissyJo said...

Is that a "play" MRI machine? Coool.