Thursday, April 16, 2009


I post these not because LissyJo asked for them - that just encourages me not to - but because they were on my list of things to do, already open in individual tabs, I just hadn't gotten that far. But now she's ruined it. Very un-situational-leadership like of her.

Ame' and Eryn looking for eggs. Princesses get extra eggs.

Ame' has found one. She will hug it and cuddle it and love it and kiss it and call it her squishy.

F ya! This is my egg. You want to take it? You'll have to take me. Try it biatch! Colin isn't sure what he's got, but you can't have it because it matches his hoodie.

Ooooo....ooooo...nobody take them. Ahhh! Ahh!!!! Stay away! Conner looks very protective.

Dellie finds the egg her Dad couldn't find.

Eryn wearing her Christmas dress to find eggs. I don't think the discontinuity has affected her mood one bit.

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CookieQueen said...

Yo - don't dis my kid by spelling his name wrong - two LL's baby!