Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bunny or the Egg

Which came first, the Easter Bunny or the egg? Eryn's pretty sure it's the egg. Because she has to dye them and leave them in the fridge before the Easter Bunny will hide them. This year, Eryn mixed vegetable oil with the egg dye to get a marbled look. It turned out pretty well. That shirt is from Ming, Kyle and my's trip through Wisconsin on the bicycle trails. She loves it, which makes me very happy.

The eggs. 11, if you're counting. Number 12 got dropped. I like the bluish-gray vegetable oiled egg.


klund said...

Stop copying my life! First Rock Band, then Mario Kart, and now marbling eggs with vegetable oil. That's what we did this weekend.

Did you do multiple colors? Or were you too much of a coward?

Scooter said...

I was a horribly inattentive father and pretty much left Eryn to her own devices. I DID get down the cups from where Pooteewheet couldn't reach them, filled them with water and tablets, and mixed in the oil. I MAY have mentioned to Eryn that she could mix colors, which she enthusiastically tackled, which is why there's that bluish/gray egg. But the majority of the work is attributed to her and her mother.