Thursday, April 02, 2009

April Fools

Discussion with Eryn yesterday when I picked her up from school.

Me: "Hey honey, I got you a special treat."

Eryn: "Really? Where is it?"

Me: "In the car."

Eryn runs to the car and gets in her car seat, "Where is it?"

Me: "Here." Hand her a small brown bag with handles.

Eryn looks in the bag. "This is dressing. Ranch dressing."

Me: "Mmmm..... There's vinegrette too."

Eryn: "That is NOT a funny April Fool's joke."

Me: "I got it at work today for free from the Kraft people."

Eryn: "Ick."

Me: "Is it better than when I gave you a tube of wasabi and told you it was candy?"

Eryn: "No. It is not funny at all. I don't like Ranch dressing." Pause. "I told my teacher her shoe fell off. THAT'S a funny April Fools joke. Ranch dressing is not funny."

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Anonymous said...

Ha! That is a funny April Fools Eryn played on her teacher. I'll have to borrow that one sometime. My April Fool's joke on Pete was to buy two boxes of MTG cards and hide them ALL OVER THE HOUSE. I thought it was funny making him hunt for them :)