Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where Am I?

I swear, I cannot keep up with much of anything lately. There's no shortage of activity - we've been caching, gymnastics, Eryn's at her grandparents all week, we refinanced the house, I have a stack of books I've read by myself and with Eryn - but I don't seem to be doing a very good job of discussing any of it. Maybe if I quit playing stupid Facebook games I'd have more luck. Or maybe if I wasn't working with the laptop all night. That's probably the bigger issue.

The refinancing of the house is the biggest deal in the last week. The closer showed up tonight to walk us through the e-signature process. Which was cool, because I saw a panel at Code Freeze present on building an e-signature application and their agile process. It's been a pain to close because credit lines have tightened up, so they had to reassess our credit rating, get us to close out the line of credit (which was painful), and generally dick around for almost two months about little issues like why my W-2 doesn't have the same name as my employer (according to the closer, she's had that same problem with several people at my company). But it's done, we're over a point lower, and we're running about $220 leaner, not including the $30 for the line of credit. If I prune my DirectTV bill (my goal for tomorrow, sometime between interviewing candidates and the other 6 hours of meetings), we might be down by $300 a month. If my wife wasn't breaking the struts on her Focus, we'd be saving up for our next car.


She says said...

Wow, that's an impressive drop in the mortgage. We're going on fiscal and caloric diets... next month. Always next month...

Anonymous said...

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