Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Too Close To the Bike

I'm stealing this wholesale from Freewheeling Spirit. It's a great video of Jeff Frings from Wisconsin who's turned himself into a moving camera to watch for motorists breaking the three foot rule. You can clearly see in one video that someone is crossing the line toward him on purpose. For my part, I already knew that everyone from Brookfield was seriously annoying.

Imagine how those drivers would have responded to a guy in a snail suit crawling down the road.


MeanMrMustard said...

Good to spread this around -- although the guy pretty much lost my sympathy during the sequence with the snow plow. I mean, that's just dumb; it's not far from saying you have a right to bicycle on a road while they're resurfacing it.

Alex said...

Dude, not cool. The law won't keep you alive. Three feet is about an arm's length. That's definitely still too close for a vehicle going twice your speed and outweighing you 20 times over. Using the same logic as Fring, someone could try to make a case by driving as close to three feet as possible -- just to teach those cyclists a lesson. dumb either way.