Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day

I was at work this morning, getting a cup of Caribou without Mean Mr. Mustard, who took pains to inform me he has friends who are more senior management, and I ended up walking down the hallway behind two women who had clearly dressed for St. Patty's Day in green shirts and black skirts. One of the two had on a skirt so tight that every two to three steps she'd have to reach behind her and tug her skirt down at the slit so it didn't ride up too high. After five or six rounds of adjusting, she settled for walking with her hands behind her so that she only had to adjust every five to six steps instead. I sympathized with her predicament as she seemed to be worried someone might be walking behind her enjoying the show. I was. Although I had a bemused expression on my face instead of a leer as I pondered how she'd made it into the building without it hiking up to her waist.

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