Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bizzaro Earth?

Eryn and I saw this playground spinner while we were out playing. I'm pretty sure that's Africa. But if it is, and we're looking at Africa basically from the south, where is Antarctica? It's not made entirely of snow and ice - global warming couldn't have completely taken it out. And where is Atlantis, now that Google has revealed it to exist somewhere just to the west? And what the hell are all those dark blue areas compared to the light blue areas? I don't see that on any oceanographic map. What do they know that I don't? And why does the map have to be continent-of-Africa centric when we're living in the United States? I heard all the US/Europe centric map politically correct discussion while I was in college, but shouldn't the map be centralized on where you live? That would seem to be the PC answer that could be appropriately addressed in this day of targeted production, at least if you're not a playground designer/producer getting your undies in a bunch over immigration issues vis a vis the playscape. After all, English gets the priority location at the bottom, so it's not like the designer is avoiding the PC issues inherent in the choice of global positioning. There's not a specifically African language on the whole spinner, unless you include English and French as languages spoken in some African countries.

There's a lot to think about while spinning this piece of the playground. For my part, I would have made the global map top to bottom and completely around the spinner. That would have stopped individuals like me from using up playground space while cogitating what the hell was going on, and would have addressed the PC issue gracefully, as well as the Antarctic issue, if that's indeed Earth. Eryn eventually had to drag me away and insist that I stop speculating because she was getting cold.

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