Sunday, January 25, 2009

Things That Suck

1.) Finding the clothes in a pool of water in the washing machine.
2.) Realizing it's not a fluke, the machine is broke, and it doesn't seem to be just something stuck between the barrel and the edge or a broken belt.
3.) Preparing to call the repairperson and coming to terms with disconnecting the hoses.
4.) Deciding to clean the washroom before disconnecting the hoses.
5.) Your wife uses the washroom to house the cat bathrooms.
6.) All the dust you cleanup has the smell of cat urine/litter.
7.) Finding a cat turd hidden behind the water softener.
8.) Finally getting rid of the dirt and making space for the repairman and discovering the hoses are corroded in place on both ends.
9.) The spigots/faucets are corroded too and won't turn.
10.) Sending the wife to get two new faucets/spigots and waiting.
11.) Taking a wrench to the threaded spigot, giving it half a turn, and feeling the tube inside the wall spin as well.
12.) Knowing the tube in the wall sheared as the water starts to shoot out of the sheet rock.
13.) Turning the water off before you've had a shower to get the cat litter/dirt off and realizing there won't be any water soon because you had to turn it off to the house.
14.) Cutting a hole in the sheet rock and discovering everything is welded together tight against the cement with wood bracings and insulation.
15.) Calling the emergency repair plumber to come in and take care of it so there's hot water by tomorrow instead of three days from now which is how long it would take me to do it myself.
16.) Hearing him say "This is a tough one."
17.) Paying him the equivalent of a big car repair to fix the pipe and replace the faucet.
18.) Knowing I'll have to patch sheet rock sometime in the not too distant future.
19.) Sitting here preparing to call the washing machine repair man, which was Step #1.


boringsahm said...

20. I hope you got that shower in!

Unknown said...

You have the stuff for a new children's book: If you give a Scooter a washing machine full of he'll ask for a ...

TallBrad said...

why does it seem the smallest problems turn out to be the biggest ones in the end.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean about the end!

Scooter said...

I feel for you Brad. I saw your post about your t.v. I want a t.v. But now I can't afford one because of the plumbing. I hope you can still afford plumbing, despite your t.v.