Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sledding at Elm Creek Park Reserve

Last weekend we went sledding with Kyle, Matthew, Cynthia, Jonny and Zoe at the Elm Creek Park Reserve. We did the same thing last year (sans Matthew, Cynthia, Jonny and Zoe), so it's been an annual event for two years (Flickr Photostream), although Kyle's chicken stew with dumplings made a much stronger showing than his uncooked roasts from 2008. On a positive note, I seem to be far enough past surgery (despite going in for a checkup yesterday) that sledding was a possibility. That's a positive development.

Cynthia and Zoe. Cynthia likes to put on the break a lot.

The whole group, except Pooteewheet, who's taking the pictures. Last year you could slide down from further up the hill. This year they left some of the weeds in place. Weeds do not make for a good sledding surface.

Matthew, who doesn't care if he goes barreling down the hill with his children at a high rate of speed. He doesn't believe in foot brakes.

Kyle, likewise inclined. Enclined? But then it's not his kid. Just some nephew.

Zoe likes sledding just that much.

For a while Eryn was practicing stunt falls. She was having fun, but to a 40 year old they looked dangerous as hell. Later Matthew smacked me with a sled as I was coming down the hill and pushed me (you know you pushed me. It was your fault as soon as that sled touched me) into a frozen orange cone that covered a chunk of cement, so I got mine. Eryn announced at the end of the day that she wanted to do "one more" and promptly ran into the same cone, smacking her arm. We thought she was going to hit her leg instead, which she was holding out stiffly in front of her, but she managed to miss it, avoiding a potential broken bone. It'll ruin our whole "grandpa broke your arm" schtick if she breaks something on our watch.

Making sure she's on the sled.

Movies! Everyone sledding!

The Scooter perspective

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