Thursday, January 08, 2009


Our group got notice today that we're officially in the lottery for RAGBRAI. That doesn't mean we'll get to go, it is a lottery (below), but there's an extreme likelihood that my sister, brother-in-law, Kyle, father and myself will be bicycling while Eryn, my nieces and mother drive an R.V. and meet us in the anchor towns. If you look for us online, you're likely to find us under our team name, the Pan-pacific Unified Multicultural Pedallers. P.U.M.P.

"RAGBRAI is limited to 8,500 week-long riders and 1,500 day riders. Entries can exceed the number of riders allowed, so a random computer lottery takes place after all of the entries are entered in the computer. If your entry is not drawn, we will issue a refund check. Just because your check is cashed or your credit card is charged, it does not mean you were selected in the lottery. In 2008, RAGBRAI had too many entries (800 over the limit) and had to turn away riders in the lottery. The odds of getting in the lottery are very high, but certainly not 100%. The computer lottery can select Individuals or groups of more than one person, so that people who wish to participate together are not split up."

"On May 1, you may go to the RAGBRAI home page accessible at and view the Lottery Results."

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