Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mr. Mustard Turns 50

Last year I got Mean Mr. Mustard (pretty soon I'm going to have to just point at Facebook profiles instead of blogs) The Menorah Game for his 49th birthday. It required a lot of work, and I'm not so sure he was impressed. So this year, I went a little easier on the effort and gave him two framed photos of Alyson Hannigan in her T.V. Guide elf outfit, including green and white thigh-high stockings. He DID say at one point when I was referring to Sarah Michelle Geller that Buffy wasn't his favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer character. Willow is. I took this to mean Alyson Hannigan is hotter, not that Willow is a much cooler character, because the second option labels him as a bit of a nerdy fanboy instead of a virile young turk. I guess I should have been able to sort that one out on my own now that he's 50. Regardless, I'm sure his wife doesn't approve of the pictures of Alyson Hannigan that will eventually be in the frames secreted away behind family photos. I count that as a minor win. Happy belated 50th birthday, MMM.

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