Monday, December 01, 2008

St. Peter

After Thanksgiving and the day of finding the toad geocache, the family rolled down to St. Peter to visit Klund and his family. Mean Mr. Mustard was supposed to show up, but didn't (his blog says his wife was too busy reading Twilight). And Tall Brad's family was supposed to show up, and did. At least 66.7% did, which is probably a valid number if you're referring to the number of members, or the total height.

We had a busy weekend, visiting Brad's baby (Anika), playing rock band (I didn't sing until Brad was busy changing Anika. For the record, my first Rock Band singing experience was "Mississippi Queen"), listening to stories about where Brad shops for pants, mass shoveling snow, watching the Lego Mindstorms competition, geocaching, eating Ms. Klund's wonderful food (and Brad's spicy queso, which I put on tacos the next day), playing Link's Crossbow with the whole family (grandparents included), doing acrobatics on the Ikea ladder and grips (that was Eryn, not me or Pooteewheet), and I'm sure there are many things I'm missing. I pulled out a few pictures below and others can be found in the Flickr set.

The kids asking for food.

Klund demonstrating that if the river were to flood, he could bob with his head above water, but all the children would be goners.

No trip to St. Peter is complete without a picture of the Pearly Gates. There's a chart somewhere that tracks Flickr pictures of the gates and the resulting number is divided by the cost to build to justify the taxpayer expense.

Lego Mindstorms competition. Lego heads.

This is what happens when Mindstorms robots go horribly astray from their programmed path, seeding destruction throughout St. Peter.

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