Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Is She Wearing a Skort?

LissyJo. This is why Eryn called to ask you if I'd every tied/taped you to a tree. (via Mediation)


LissyJo said...

What, because they're asian--she automatically thinks all asians get taped to stuff?

Hehe--She didn't believe me at first. Then i told her to never EVER stick her tongue out at you because that'll result in a mouthful of dirt. She said, "But not in winter." I replied, "Your dad will find dirt. Even in winter."

Anonymous said...

I remember a time long long ago in a cottage in the trees when their was a little asian girl wraped in tape from head (hair included) to toe (I got in trouble for that one as a hair cut was had). It seems like a lot of tape was used at this cottage. As her next older brother was at one time wrapped in tape by an older brother. A cat was taped while moving to AZ. (this cat is safe again back in MN). Tape seems to fix almost anything.