Saturday, November 15, 2008

Halloween Geocaching

It was a nice enough day today that after breakfast we went out to try out the new Vista HCx handheld GPS and find a few of the Halloween 2008 caches we have yet to find. This was the one we attempted to find in the dark a few weeks ago and failed to locate because the GPS was bouncing all over the place, "Look Ma, No Hands." Here are Pooteewheet and Eryn hamming it up. I don't know what's scarier, the axe in the hand, or the fact that Pooteewheet looks just a little like Klund in this picture. I'm glad I married her before I knew him, or that would be embarassing.

This was our 100th cache! We're officially in the century club.

Here's a close up of the cache if you're interested. We looked in this log the night we missed it - we just didn't notice the opening where it resided. The log and pencil are in the axe handle.

Here's Eryn walking through an abandoned wheat field on our way to "Splitting Headache".

This is posed for effect and to get some appropriate light. It was hidden in the bole of that tree. Eryn hates skulls that still have their eyeballs. She was fine with touching the axe and severed hand, but wanted nothing to do with this cache.

However, she still stepped up and took a picture of me posing with the cache.


TSnide said...

Got to try geocaching one of these years. My experience in using GPS (outside of the car) is limited to the golf course (Sky Caddie).

Anonymous said...

Wow! Though are some wild geocaches! I'd love to find something like those myself.