Sunday, November 16, 2008

Halloween Geoaching - Think Tank

We went to Ritter Farm Park in Lakeville to find a Halloween cache today. It was a bit further afield from our usual caching haunts, and I suggest determining a.) the trails and b.) the roads to get into the park before you get there. There's one route into the park because of all the farms/stables around the park and it involves crossing from the frontage road on the opposite side of the highway from the park. And if you're not prepared with a trail map, it can be a long walk up and down steep hills to find a geocache 6/10 of a mile into the park. Just ask Pooteewheet. But it was a beautiful evening for a walk, despite the 30-32 degree temperature, and the little bit of sleety-snow falling just as we were walking out made it almost pretty.

So here's what we went to find, Think Tank. Eryn didn't mind this as much as some of the other Halloween caches. The difference? No eyes still in the skull sockets.

See. She was willing to get close enough to poke the skulls with a stick while I signed the log.

But all was not well in the Ritter Farm woods. Dozens of strange rock cairns littered the deepest, shady depths. My sister knows what that means. The Blair Witch lives in Lakeville!

This is me, begging Mom and Dad to forgive me just before the Blair Witch gets me. I have very long arms. It's already too late for Eryn and Pooteewheet. I saw them standing in a corner near the cross country ski trail.

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Anonymous said...

RFP is my favorite Lakeville park. I spent New Years Eve placing a long multi-cache, at night, with sui generis there years ago. I went back recently and had nothing but fond memories.