Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Geo Leftovers

We went geocaching this weekend near Rosemount, and had much more luck than tonight, when Eryn and I wandered around the woods in the dark for half an hour with the GPS constantly telling us the cache was moving around us in a circle 49 feet away. I hate it when the machine can't get a good read on a satellite.

Here's a spooky spider cache.

And a flying critter. Surprisingly, no one finds these by accident even when they're just hanging there like this. They're just too isolated for your casual hiker.

Eryn loves the new playgrounds we get to try out when we're geocaching. This one, with it's palm trees, probably looks pretty funny in the winter.

We also stuff Eryn in any old piece of junk we find while geocaching, like this messed up popup trailer behind the school in Rosemount. Pooteewheet checked for rats and wasps first.

These were cool. Someone made their own geocaching tokens in a pottery kiln. Points for originality.

On the back one says "Sandy was here" and the other says "Roses are red, violets are blue, I like geocaching and so must you."

After geocaching, it's time to go to Dunn Brothers for coffee, homework, and copying shark facts.

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November 4th, no political post?