Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Free Food Day

It's my birthday this Friday, and I was pondering what I should be up to for the day. In the past, I might have gone out drinking, or wrestled a faux Perkin's waitress in a pool of oil (Or a police woman. You never know if your friends have druthers that impact your wrestling partner). This year, I think I'm going to eat. Because it's my birthday, I have coupons for free food to:
  • Breakfast at Louisiana Grill (or any of the Uptown-related cafes/grills/diners)
  • Coffee at Caribou
  • Lunch at GenghisMongolian Grill
  • Coffee at Dunn Brothers
  • Dinner at Cold Stone Creamery (well, dessert, but after Louisiana and Genghis, I'll probably be full)
Coupled with a matinee of the new James Bond movie, I'm going to be a very content 40 year old.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Hope you enjoy your present. You can give Eryn your old one.

LissyJo said...

"You can give eryn your old one." Like, your old self? What is he talking about? Because it hasn't been your bday, you haven't received your bday present, so i'm not exactly sure what he's eluding to.

Anonymous said...

Time will tell!

Anonymous said...

I know what is.

Thomson Reuters Employee

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I hope you don't mind missing out on games tonight!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Welcome to the
"40" club - now I'm no longer alone! Feel free to bring Allison and I a treat from Coldstone today to celebrate NP week (I just included myself in there since I have the authority to turn any deliveries away if they don't also benefit me!)