Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Dead Will Feast

We went geocaching in Lakeville to find another cache in the Halloween 2008 series. We missed this one last time because it was getting so late and I was unsure about walking through the private cornfield. But after verifying we could on, we made a stop after Chipotle, parking in the Lakeville cemetery.

The Lakeville cemetery is pretty old for a Minnesota cemetery. A lot of 1870's tombstones, many of them stating which city/county in Ireland the person came from. There's even a bit of Irish on some of the headstones.

Of course, time hasn't been kind to the tombstones, and at least one looks like someone hit it with a shotgun (has a bb pattern on the face). And the little lambs don't look so cute anymore. They've definitely picked up creepy undertones.

This is an interesting tombstone. If you're looking at it in the twilight, you don't even realize it isn't just a dead tree. Pooteewheet said it seemed to be a grave for a mother and two children.

Another creepy tombstone. I wouldn't want to meet this cherub in the dark.

We did find the cache, "The Dead Will Feast". We thought it would be in the cornfield as sort of zombies eating corn joke, but it was tucked into the edge of the woods. Sort of a Cannibal Ferox theme. The log to sign is in the secondary head hanging off the bottom.

A close up of the head on a bloody spike.

In case you're really scared and need to settle down, here's a nice sunset Pooteewheet took from the cemetery after finding the cache.

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