Sunday, October 26, 2008

Slacker Weekend?

It felt like I didn't accomplish much this weekend, like I'd just been sitting around trying to motivate myself to do something. But I tried to recount what I'd been up to, and it seems like I managed to finish more than I suspected.

I went on a 23 mile bike ride with Ming and Kyle on the Gateway (pictures below) and formulated a plan to try and eat a 30" inch pizza with them if we can get Dan'l to be our fourth (free t-shirts, win or lose! Free pizza if we can eat it in 30 minutes. Just over a 14" pizza each).

I watched a large portion of Hogfather on video with Eryn and Pooteewheet, as well as Leatherheads. I enjoyed seeing The Great Atuin and his four elephants supporting Discworld more than I enjoyed George Clooney.

I went out to Origami at Ridgedale for sushi with Kyle, Pooteewheet and Eryn, post bike ride. On top of the pizza it was almost too much. I did several hours of yard work on Saturday, mowing up the leaves, mowing the grass that was way overdue, packaging it all up in about 6 multi-load bags beyond the standard plastic container that usually manages, and putting away all the sprinklers, hoses, swimming pool plus toys, hammock stand, and other things littering the yard.

And the family went out and bought a new recliner and a new sofa that has recliners on both ends. That's right. As of next weekend there will be three reclining locations in our basement, and a new area rug (already in place) to make it look like we replaced the carpet, when we really didn't. This will make my mother exceedingly happy, as she's disgusted with the lack of reclining locations within my extended family.

Oh, and I figured out how to buy Wiipoints and purchase the internet browser so my family can listen to music on YouTube while we play board games on the new area rug. I also bought Mario 3, which may excite my sister almost as much as seeing The New Kids on the Block did.

The Gateway Trail. Pretty in the fall, despite that it was a little wet and kept getting colder.

Ming and Kyle, dressed for warmth. We had to wait about 45 minutes for our pizza, which seemed like forever because it was so cold after riding.

Ming learning all about the park he bikes to several times a summer. More than anything, I wanted a picture of the pretty tree in the background. Ming was incidental to the picture.

One of my favorite things to photograph, a no biking sign.

My bike, all covered with muck and out for perhaps the last ride of the season before I move my rides indoors.

Eryn enjoying a skewer during the post-ride trip to Origami for sushi. I'm proud of her as she tried a small taste of wasabi tobiko.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for the Hogfather! The book is pretty good, too, fyi. I have the Color of Magic (book and movie) if you're interested in more Discworld stuffs. Go Rincewind!

LissyJo said...

AAhh, the days and days and days i spent with mario in my youth. Don't get me hooked again.

Did you really eat an entire pizza. In 30 minutes.

What are you going to do with the ole family couch?

Anonymous said...

I just now realized why I have spots all over the back of my sweatshirt! Someone at work today asked me why there were spots up the middle of it and I honestly couldn't think of why until I saw the photos you posted :)