Monday, October 13, 2008

It's On

20 years ago...or more...definitely more, my mother asked me, Scooter, should LissyJo be able to go to the concert on Harriet Island to see The New Kids on the Block. Being wise beyond my years, I said the equivalent of "F-No. There are going to be 200,000 underaged girls (I didn't add, "in the pre cell phone era", it was just implied) and it will be a madhouse. If it was in an auditorium, then sure. But not on the island."

This screwed my sister out of getting to see TNKOTB live. Much to her benefit, as many children went lost that night, stole their parents' cars, etc.

But today, I made up for a little bit of that anger and sadness to which I subjected my sister. I won her TNKOTB tickets. Sure...she's in her early-going-on-mid thirties now and it's not quite the treat it might have been at 12. But they're FREE TNKOTB ticktets! When I asked her if she was going before I won tickets she said "no" and then sort of added "tickets are expensive". Now she has no excuse. She can go and spend no money other than what it takes to get drunk enough to pretend she's not a 30-something year old going to see TNKOTB just so she can hope Donny the Bad Boy accidentially flicks sweat onto her. Seriously - I hope she has fun reliving a bit of her past that might otherwise seem like a financial waste.

Hang Tough, LissyJo....Hang Tough!


Anonymous said...

I remember that discussion at the time! And how pissed AJMS was that she could not go. We let our children do a lot of things other parents would not. But, we did have rules in the house. Do not get a disease that you can not cure, Do not have children you can not support, Do not go into mom's purse!!!!

boringsahm said...

Obviously more then the 1 ticket, so can I go too! My mother wouldn't let me see them either when they came out here as it meant her tagging along... but she did go see Bros with me!

LissyJo said...

*sigh* I broke up with NKOTB long ago; You're really bringing up buried emotions.

I found a friend that'll go with me--after a few drinks, of course.