Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do Not View This Post if You're Doing the Halloween Caching Series!

You've officially been warned. I'm going to show some pictures of the Halloween caching series down here in the Eagan, Apple Valley, Burnsville, Rosemount area, and if you intend to do the series, these are just as much spoilers in my opinion as being told the end of an anticipated movie. The joy of the series is finding the crazy Halloween containers - 13 of them. 11 regular. 1 multi. 1 puzzle, where the puzzle solution is found by obtaining the secret code values at the other 12. If you want to experience them in all their glory, then I suggest going in the dark as Eryn, Pooteewheet and I did. Tonight's full moon helped, but it was still pretty dark, and Pooteewheet kept trying to poke out her eye on every branch that came along because her night vision is horrible. Eryn only worried that the fox monsters would come out.

Here's Eryn getting ready to go cache. This is your last chance to bail before the fun stuff. It's not 2:30, like the clock says, it's closer to 6:00.

Cache number one, "Bubba Sawyer's Hideaway". That's not a toy chainsaw. It's the real deal. Except the blood. The front is held on with two nuts and the cache velcroed to the inside. It took us a while to zero in on it as the GPS kept bouncing around down in the little swamp. But there are no wood ticks or mosquitoes in Minnesota this time of year, so it was great. We put it back and got a few hundred feet away before we realized we'd forgotten the secret code and had to go back to retrieve it.

Cache #2 - "Polycephaly, Not a Muse". We're triplets! This one was a bit harder to find and I missed it on the first pass of the location. Eryn was fascinated and would only touch hims when hes was facing away from her. She wanted no part of a picture in which she was giving hims a big kiss.

This is how you get the log to sign, out of the monster baby's back. Hes's like a golem, you write down words and put them inside hims.

Back in the natural caching habitat, a bit further above the ground than the top of my head. Hes looks so peaceful, like hes's in a loving cradle. Awww....goochy goochy little guys.

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