Sunday, September 07, 2008

St. Paul Bike Classic 2008

I've been going to the St. Paul Bike Classic and riding the 30 mile ride and breakfasting at the St. Clair Broiler for many, many years. This year seemed a little subdued. In the past there have been squirrel attacks (bikes attacking squirrels), thong sightings, large dead snakes, death and maiming, old ladies dancing - just all manner of excitement. Not so much this year, although Mean Mr. Mustard purports to have overheard some naughty talk.

But the good news is that although it was 52 degrees and looked like it was going to rain, it was dry the whole time, except while we were in the restaurant, and it didn't go below 52 degrees, which can be a problem. We had a pretty good turnout - me, Mean Mr. Mustard, Ming, Kyle, Tom, Alan, Christy, Sandy, Erik - and we bumped into a few coworkers in the St. Thomas parking lot we can invite next year.

Rhinoceros bike. There was a huge fish bike and a number of flamingo bikes as well.

Our state capital in the background. If you were watching the RNC, then this is just up the hill from Excel Center ground zero. I can report that the area seemed fairly free of fences and Republicans. The Obama to McCain sign count was about 200 to 1 in St. Paul.

Erik sneaking into a picture near the Como pavillion. My favorite rest stop, because there's lots of coffee.

All our bikes locked up outside the St. Clair Broiler. A bike orgy if you will. Go with the Iron Lake if you're at the St. Clair - four eggs, ham, cheese and wild rice, coupled with hashbrowns and a pile of toast. I wasn't hungry again until about 6 p.m.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know, the Spartan Spinach at the St. Clair Broiler, with four eggs, spinach, tomatoes and feta cheese was pretty darned good, but I'll try the Iron Lake next time. Speaking from a first-time Classic riding perspective, the ride was a good bit of fun. I'm looking forward to next year...