Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Postpourri - restless legs, fromatozilge

What people are currently saying about me: "Hits you like an unexpected explicative." - Jeffrey Lyins. "Sticks with you like the unfriendly gift of a plexiglass shiv." - Roger Fibert

This whole restless legs thing sucks. I moved to the basement bed so Pooteewheet could get some sleep. As a bonus, it's a bit cooler down there, so I wake up a little more fully, and I can be certain it's not because my wife is thrashing in her sleep. If I wake up, it's all my fault. So Sunday night I counted 10 times I awoke before I quit counting. Last night it was worse. Maybe every 20 to 30 minutes. So, I looked up the treatment yesterday. More exercise, but not near bed time. Can do, if I can wake up without sleeping through the alarm because I'm burned out from waking up all night. Reduce alcohol intake. Sure. Although Eryn wanted me to homebrew so she could help. But beer is a good gift. No caffeine. Argh. I'm not sleeping properly and I have to give up caffeine? I'm lucky I can type at the moment without falling asleep. I wonder if my fingers would twitch if I fell asleep at the keyboard. slkjfd lkewuuo .a,sfljlu


Anonymous said...

take Requip and you don't have to put up with no caffiene. Mom

LissyJo said...

Yeah--dump drugs on it!

In addition to decreasing caffiene and exercise, you can increase your iron and/or have your ferritin levels drawn.

Anonymous said...

Hi. In my experience people suffering from restless leg syndrome are experiencing a mineral deficiency, usually zinc or magnesium. Correcting for that can often resolve the issue.