Monday, September 22, 2008

Postpourri - politics, Merrill, dreams

It's difficult to blog lately. My days are full of working on rental property. Calling HRA about renters. And work. I have 7 hours of meetings tomorrow. That leaves 1 hour open to set up the 9 hours of meetings (interviews, actually) I know are missing from my schedule. It's just one of those cycles where I'm not doing much thinking outside what needs to be done.

I love the Merrill lynch advertisement on the back of my Harvard Business Review that touts them as the business I should engage in order to "remain competitive", get "access to capital" and be grounded in "strategic advice." After all they have "been a source of confidence for our clients in both good and challenging markets." Oh well. 50/50 isn't bad.

Eryn saw some political signs on the corner yesterday and opined that John McCain was not among them, but she saw "two other bad guys." I'm guessing Kline and Norm. She's very well-informed for someone who prefers Jack FM and classical radio.

I heard Kirk Cameron of Growing Pains complaining about pedophile stalkers on television, and the first thought I had, knowing his religious background, was, "I wonder if he's just calling them a pedophile because they were gay?" But, he was 16, and the age of consent in California is 18, so despite the specific rules in California around 16 year olds, I'd have to state he's probably not making it up - ish.

I had a strange dream about being an independent - i.e. not bitten - contractor for a vampire (female) who needed someone to manage her more zombie-ish, bitten henchmen. It involved shooting other zombie-ish henchmen and worrying about some weird, disgusting, other vampires who fed on regular vampires by flicking cavier-like black eggs that grew in little bunches all over them. I'm pretty sure it's not a metaphor for work, but rather too much Resident Evil 4.


MeanMrMustard said...

How tall was the vampire? What color was her hair?

Enquiring minds, etc.

Your Kirk Cameron paragraph confuses me. He was complaining about pedophile stalkers "on television"? Is that Bill O'Reilly? Or does he mean "in the television industry"? In which case, is that Bill O'Reilly?

Disclaimer: Scooter and "A Nod To Nothing" did not approve the previous remarks about Bill O'Reilly, which were in fact questions, not accusations, and which in any event would only be libelous if Bill O'Reilly weren't a pedophile stalker. And we all know the truth about that.

Jennybean said...

LOL on the ML ad.

Just trying to connect with other mn bloggers

PTW said...

Huh? Was the falafel a minor?