Thursday, September 04, 2008

No MLK Jr.

I had a dream.  It involved getting on a yellow, school bus and touring northern Minnesota to see all sorts of points of interest.  These included a place that looked suspiciously like Wall Drug, but with more shelving, a guy who fed piranha by swimming with them, a guy whose specialty was tossing cured hams further than anyone else, the pre-2000 computer gaming competition (which had two contestants), the skulls of famous Minnesota gangsters (including Kid Cann) which had been unearthed nearby where they had been left in small cat carriers, the Kensington Runestone, and a giant moose head that wasn't really a moose head, but the world's largest, artificially constructed moose head, made out of a log and various other items.  The museum had bought it from a local farmer for $200 many decades earlier.

I don't know what deep part of my psyche most of this is coming from, but I'm pretty sure three discussions about Sarah Palin's moosing (via Taylor - that link is probably not what you think) yesterday are directly to blame for at least the last part.

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