Sunday, August 03, 2008

Vacation Takes its Revenge

Normally, I'd have pictures of my vacation travels up a few days after coming home, but we ran into a few snags. Catching up with email and other work while being on call was rough, but doable, until Wednesday evening when I started to get a killer headache. I thought it was maybe just my eyes wearing out from over a thousand emails (900 in my work inbox, but they were rolling in). Then on Thursday it turned into chills, sweats, what almost looked like pink eye for a while. I tried to stick it out, but it got worse and worse and I finally left work an hour early. So after a night of literally sweating away 5 pounds, I had to call in sick on my last day in my current role and on call.

had problems of her own from vacation. This thing that looks like it might be a nipple rubbed wrong during a marathon is instead a nice spider bite she got during our trip. It did look worse than this when it was originally an infected-looking boil thing. As far as spider bites go, it seems pretty minor, given the stomach churning array of infected bites and gaping wounds you'll find on Flickr (don't click on a weak stomach), so that's a positive (hey, maybe it was only a baby brown recluse!). But we both seem to be recovering. I was only sweating semi-profusely when I helped my brother side part of the rental property in Apple Valley yesterday (big shout out to Kyle who was a considerable help in a poorly-executed operation), and Pooteewheet hasn't developed a pus-filled secondary ulcer as the poison travels through her body.

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She says said...

Ouch. Hope both of you are feeling better and that nothing felled Eryn!