Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Woeful Lack of Innovation

Two gallons of milk attached by an uncomfortable, square, joining unit, is too heavy to haul back in just one hand from the groccery store when walking. Someone should make that pastic piece more comfortable. And while they're at it - it should have a secondary use that would allow it to live beyond the carrying capability for the milk. Maybe biodegradable plastic with plant food in it or something so you could just stick them in your garden.


Anonymous said...

Problem solved!,GGLJ:2006-42,GGLJ:en%26sa%3DX

Scooter said...

If I carry a gallon in each bucket, though, I won't have a free hand to carry the other groceries. You can't live on milk alone.

A wagon would work, but then I have to get into the whole get the wagon out, find a lock unless I don't care about the wagon being stolen, where to put the wagon at Cub, etc.

Mac Noland said...

I use a new invention called a car, when I haul heavy things like milk. Problem solved.