Friday, June 06, 2008

Wish Me Luck

I'm off to bike 150 miles in two days. I am in no way in as good of shape as I was in November, let alone as I was when I went on RAGBRAI last year, so it may be a bit of a challenge, although I did a 68 miler not too long ago and I've been trying to sneak in two rides a week - so there's hope, as long as the wind isn't blowing to the north like it is outside my house right now (where'd the trash cans go?) With that pushing us backwards, it could be a very slow ride, despite that it's downhill from Duluth. Wait...I just fact checked, and Duluth is 702 feet above sea level, while Eagan is 958 feet above sea level. Damn it. You'll be able to find me blown back to somewhere in Canada by the end of the weekend.

By the way, that last post about Summit Beer. I won't really give up drinking Summit Beer. Tall Brad is right on this one - I generally don't care about people's religion unless they're foisting it upon me, or using their company (which I might patronize) to leverage religious or political ends (or using slave labor..I have a lot of little, common sense rules as well that don't need enumeration). Summit Beer, to the best of my knowledge, in no way leverages their brewery toward political ends, like the Domino's Pizza owner may have (gray area there - primarily an intersection between all the wealth he made off Domino's and his huge pro-life, pro-Catholic, push and associated investment fund and university, and attempt to impose moral rules on the university's town) , or like the roofing/contractor signs in my neighborhood which are more explicit with the Jebus fish in the corner.

Kyle: Erik from work put me on to The Flight of the Conchords. I'd seen a few discrete videos before, courtesy of Christy, but never a whole episode. Last night Pooteewheet and I watched the first one. It's hilarious and I think you'd enjoy it immensely. David Mitchell (That Mitchell and Webb Look) plays a part. I'd put a link to a YouTube video, but I recommend watching the show without watching the videos first because the context is part of the humor.


LissyJo said...

Good luck! Perhaps you should bring a sail for this ride a la ragbrai.

She says said...

Good luck! I hope your legs and lungs hold out.