Monday, June 23, 2008

Menagerie - Blogger Play and Ephemera

Handy fact. A 10' 4x4 pole will almost fit in a premillennial Saturn SL2. If you have them shave a few inches off one end before you leave, you could absolutely wedge it in there sans passengers.

If you are geocaching in the summer, particulraly behind the TR building in Eagan, wear pants. I itch from a.) weeds, b.) ticks, c.) mosquitoes, d.) pollen (weeds). I managed to bleed. I think that just shows geocaching dedication.

Eryn's woodtick, which we never threw away, but who now lives in a jar on the back of the kitchen sink, has an official name. Voldemort. Eryn thinks that's hilarious, despite the fact that it makes her Quirinus Quirrell.

Your blog can help you find lost items. I was looking at a picture of me on RAGBRAI and I thought, "I wonder where my 'My Other Car is a Bike' shirt went?" So I dug in the back of my closest where a shirt might have fallen, and there it was. I took off the shirt I had on just so I could revel in the find.

Bowmore Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky, Darkest, Sherry Cask Finished, 15 years. Oh man. That is some delicious, wonderful, love in a bottle. Ruby Red. Sherry, almonds on the nose. Dark grapes, chocolate, smoke on the palate. I'm drooling just looking at the bottle. But it must be preseved.

If you get hit in the face by a 4 square ball wielded by your second cousins, your loose tooth will fall out. Eryn lost her fourth tooth of the front four. She's the opposite of Sunny in Lemony Snickett. The tooth fairy brought her one of each coin up through a dollar and a fairy charm and geobug tag to hang it from.

I've been goofing around on Blogger Play again. I found some pictures I really enjoy. Not landscapes or family pictures. Those are pretty standard. Unusual amusements:


Anonymous said...

Your Bowmore description actually makes my mouth water, mostly because your affection for it brings to mind my feelings about the Balvenie 12 year DoubleWood that I picked up at the same time you acquired your bottle.

It calls out, "Have a bit, you know you want to....", yet you want to ration it out like a kid trying to figure out how to make their Halloween candy haul last until the next bountiful harvest. I don't know, maybe I was one of the few who actually self-rationed candy as a kid?

We just need to get the bottles together. I'll trade you a good sample of my Balvenie for a taste of that Bowmore :)

Sank said...

ahhh Bowmore Islay.. Fantastic.