Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cannon Falls, Because We Now Have Two Cameras

When there was one camera, it was easy. Get the pictures, move them on to the computer, blog. Now there are two cameras, and I always have to be thinking, "Were there better shots on the other camera?" "Should I upload both before I offer picturesque proof of where I've been?" "Should I just say screw it and only worry about pictures on 'my' camera?" "Will photos ever make it to a pseudo back up on Flickr if I don't upload them?" It's a conundrum I have yet to ponder adequately. It's not that I intend to ponder it adequately and I've been busy, but rather that I simply lack adequate motivation to adequately assess the situation because it's a non-starter. It almost makes me reminisce for days when the physicality of film severely limited my joint collection of media. Instead, I'll probably just buy a big back up drive and pretend the second camera doesn't exist.

Nevertheless, here are a few pictures off the second camera from the Father's Day Cannon Falls/Red Wing trip. It's as though there were two perspectives on the day - the one I lived and the one that was following me around like a roving web cam.

Here's a building in Welch. I wasn't really at this building, though a little bit of my memory seems to register that I was in the proximity of it. I remember riding into Welch, not having phone service, trying to find some shade, and then biking back to the trail with ice cream. Pooteewheet remembers Eryn eating cotton candy ice cream, this building, and hanging out by the boat landing. I can tell from the other pictures.

The swans. I do remember the swans. What I don't remember is Pooteewheet having an argument with a couple who were feeding the swans bread instead of food pellets despite the signs explicitly stating not to feed the geese bread. There aren't pictures of that - but I heard about it. There were also a lot of different kinds of ducks. You'll have to ask for those if you have an anatidae fetish.

Another picture of the swans. Beware if you're a duck - they don't take kindly to them on their turf.

The pottery oven in Red Wing. I wasn't inside, although I could have been. But it was sealed off and I obeyed the intent, because it certainly didn't seem to be a law. But I can pretend I was inside if I bring one of these up on the flat screen and put my face very close.

Aha - me. And Eryn in Kyle's helmet, which wasn't the one she was wearing when she fell off the tagalong. That's not a cross in front of the winery, it's just a pole that looks like one. But I did see a VW convertible near Welch that said GOJESUS on the plates. They should have biked from Cannon Falls to Red Wing and back instead of starting in the middle. If they ran out of energy they could have fallen asleep and awoken to find that there was only one set of tracks! You know, "During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of tracks, it was then that I stuffed your butt in the Burley and huffed it up the incline to Cannon Falls."

I can't tell if Julie is hanging on to her stuff, or making sure we don't look down her shirt. I wasn't there for this either, so if there was an opportunity to look down her shirt, I missed it, and it wasn't in the other pictures. Primarily, she's trying to escape being turned into a Ming vase in the pottery oven (wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean?).

See? They're booting Logan for some alone time. It's almost like a rebirthing ceremony. He seemed to have a pretty good time on the ride and even tried the tagalong (I also learned about that second hand), though I suspect he wouldn't have had as much fun if he'd have been traveling the full 40 miles, or fallen off like Eryn did.

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