Monday, May 12, 2008

How Bad Do You Have to Go?

On the second floor at work today, I noticed that the men's bathroom door was stuck open. That particular door has a sort of fly wheel door opener mechanism that propels the door open after it's been given a slight tug. When I worked on second floor, you had to be careful and wait to make sure it was shut before unzipping. But today, as I said, the door was stuck open, and the door mechanism was clearly in a state of either dismantling or self-destruction. You could see the mirror, and I was pleased that no one was taking a leak. Until I realized one of the stall doors was closed, and you could see feet. With the door wide open, and a full length mirror reflecting the stalls, someone was taking a dump. At least they didn't have their badge clipped to their pocket.

1 comment:

Sank said...

Scooter, that's pretty funny! I always put my badge in my shirt pocket when I'm in the office growler.