Friday, May 30, 2008


This is Eryn's latest geobug from the Tooth Fairy - the one she got for losing her third front tooth (have no fears - the fourth one will soon join it's sisters). A geoshark. After two plastic tooth geobugs, the Tooth Fairy seems to have intuited Eryn needed a geobug that was more interesting, but still tooth-related. The result is the geoshark, ready to strike out and terrorize unsuspecting cachers as they innocently stick their hands into peanut butter jars.

We went geocaching one day over the long weekend, and this was the crown of our finds. Pooteewheet managed to spot it way up in the tree where it was disguised as a branch you had to pull down with another branch in the weeds nearby by pushing it up and catching an attached hook. She's been practicing her geocaching, even going after work, or over lunch with another therapist.

Here Eryn models the tricky cache, pointing at where the film canister fits snugly into the branch. Pooteewheet said it was the tape that gave it away. Glad they made it easy.

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