Sunday, April 20, 2008

Space Plant

My sister bought Eryn a space plant for Eryn's 5th birthday. It's a sensitive plant, where the leaves fold up if touched. My sister told Pooteewheet that it reminded her of the plant at the end of the driveway in Monticello that did the same thing. I'm appropriately ashamed to have to confess this, but I'm pretty sure she's referring to the plant in the bushes that looked a bit like a sensitive plant, but wasn't. However, that didn't stop my brother and I from getting her to touch it, and when it moved with the push or wind, explaining that it was indeed just such a plant.


boringsahm said...

hmmm, brothers! Mine once dared me to drink OJ through a straw in 10sec, I did but the straw was laced with Tabasco.....hmm brothers!

LissyJo said...

DUDE! You suck!

Mark said...

Yes thats a TickleMe Plant my kids love them too. You can get them on line at
The company has growing kits and cool experiments