Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Item 1 - this may truly surprise my mother, but I seem to have fingernails. No gloss, no weird bad-tasting dip, I just decided 40 years after I started that I'd like to quit chewing on them, so I did.

Item 2 - Pooteewheet bought a Wii. Apparently she was jealous of Klund's and had a bit of camera money left over because she's getting a cheaper camera. It makes my arm hurt, so it'll probably be good exercise for any company. Reminds me a lot of the Pong game my Dad brought home when we were kids, just vastly upgraded.

Couple of uncommented upon pictures still sitting around.

A cache I found just before I left for Rochester.

Another cache - the library card cache. Not notable for the library card, but more for the next picture.

I almost missed it because it wasn't what I was expecting. Instead of a container, there was just this thin magnetic sheet stuck to the bottom of a very old grill in Burnsville near 35W and Hwy. 13 (there's an archery range down there). Very fun find.

Easter dinner at LissyJo's. Cookie Queen is surrounded by children. At least 2/3 of them are her own.

Eryn dying an Easter egg. The colors came out much better this year.


klund said...

I wasn't sure of the appropriate response to your picture of Eryn dying eggs, so I'm going with this:

Why did you let Nick Nolte come into your house for Easter festivities?

LissyJo said...

I want to come over and play the wii.

Anonymous said...

I want to play the wii also! Hopefully I'll do better than with Dance Dance Revolution.
Re: photo from Easter - nice action shot of Conner!