Friday, April 04, 2008

Late Eastering

Whatever gods decided that the Around the Net podcast should be increased from 2 minutes to 10 minutes are fully deserving of worship. I have been chuckling to myself all night, and with both sets of guest hosts. Absolutely brilliant. Mushmouth and monkey on a motorbike are inspired. Thank you!

Unrelated, some videos for the grandparents of the children doing a puppet show at LissyJo's house for Easter dinner.

Easter, Eryn dyes some eggs. Mean Mr. Mustard can appreciate the fact that I walk past in the slippers he gave me.
I don't know why the dog comes up the stairs, then turns around like she's afraid of what we're up to, or why Eryn looks disgusted with the video taking at one point. We're a strange household, I leave it at that.

Easter Puppetshow - Eryn makes up rules. That's her favorite thing, lots and lots of rules.

Puppetshow 2 - With a discussion of Tasmanian Devils and Dingos.

Puppetshow 3 - All three children, and the Tasmanian Devil takes a dive. My brother in law notes that this is a common plot point, which is pretty funny.

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