Thursday, April 17, 2008


I picked up Eryn's geocache tonight. I scoped a place I thought we could use instead, but it doesn't seem to have any good hiding places. So I'll have to reconsider. On a positive note, some idiot let their dog take a dump next to where we hid it this last time. I know because I stepped in it while avoiding a second fresh pile. It was next to a f-ing bench you animals. Can you not keep your dog from crapping within footrest distance of the only bench within miles? Maybe I should have just hidden Eryn's cache under a pile of crap. It occurred to me while I was walking back from picking up her cache that I was told I couldn't hide it there because of the proximity of a multicache. I should have checked under the bench. I'd lay odds it's with 10 feet.

I've been keeping Eryn up a bit later recently - seems to make her sleep in in the morning and I'm hoping it carries over to the weekend because I want to go biking and still have Pooteewheet be able to sleep in. So tonight, we went geocaching after hours. Here's my almost 5 year old posing next to the Children's Cache (creepy, if you think it's full of children) we found.

It was pretty tricky. You had to realize it was underneath a stump with a board attached to the bottom to make sure water didn't seep in. My parents had that tupperware set - circa 1968.

The second one was near Thomas Lake, and this tree was completely hollow at the bottom. I knew it was in there and I had to grab a stick and root around for a good minute or two to make sure some garden snake wasn't going to latch onto my arm. Or a squirrel. I had to reach in past my elbow - so you never know what's lurking in there at that point.

Proof that I'm not crazy. You can't even see the cache from this vantage point. And that small hole on the left hooks right into the bigger hollow. There was a lot of empty space in there for a snake, or squirrel, or badger...even a bear.

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